Fantasy stories

by DJ Stoneham

"Storytelling at its best." GreenTree

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Wonderland books one and two

Two Wonderland stories, the first based on the sinister origins of our favourite nursery rhymes, the second on our best-loved fairy tales. In both stories, Alice’s escape from her twisted fantasy is tied to the task of saving Wonderland from corruption, tyranny and discrimination.

Alice is smarter and savvier than in her earlier adventures, which is just as well, as Wonderland is a dark shadow of its former self. These humorous stories are perfect for younger and older adults that like their fantasy woven in wordplay and sprinkled with sarcasm. Or have always wondered what happened to Alice. Read them in order or as stand-alone stories.

The Worlds Apart series

A fantasy duology that takes the reader on a journey of epic proportions. With a storyline that bridges two worlds, a plethora of magic, gods and outlandish creatures, and a plot rich in twists and revelations, Worlds Apart stretches the imagination, yet raises issues we face in everyday life. Perfect for anyone into high fantasy and slow-burn plots. "An imaginitive world to rival that of Stephen Donaldson."