The Worlds Apart science fantasy saga

“The narrative’s structure is brilliant ... a potent work of fantasy storytelling.”blueink Review, August, 2021

"A highly rewarding fantasy novel." Foreword Clarion, August, 2021

"The characters are brilliantly developed and elevate the story with their individuality ... deserves to be a bestseller." Grace Jackson, August 2021

While visiting his ailing mother in the secure wing of a psychiatric hospital, Luke Boyle eavesdrops on a delirious patient, Sye, who is desperate to return to his world of outlandish beasts, magic and gods. Sye’s mutterings are so fantastic that Luke befriends him and records Sye's story, with a view to stealing ideas to enrich his own fantasy manuscript, which lays in a bottom drawer, gathering dust.

In Sye’s other world, from the day he saw his own reflection in a pail of water, Sye knew that he was different. If only he had known just how different, perhaps he would not so easily have rejected the horned people of Westwinds Castle, who put aside their prejudices to follow him. Or rejected their ancient prophecy as superstition. Maybe he would not have sworn revenge on his childhood friend, Salm, who was ready to go to any lengths to become a goddess, or scoured the world for clues to his origin and a place he could call home. It would have saved so many lives.

As it was, an inquisitive mind and a passion for logic proved poor weapons against myth and monsters. Not that Sye failed to find what he was looking for. It was just that he did not realise the sacrifice involved or the extent to which his fate and that of the world was connected. Until it was too late, and everything, even the safety of Luke’s world, was at stake.

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