Alice Falls Again

“A brilliant and amusing reinvention."Kirkus Review

With college studies awaiting her arrival in London and a seriously ill father at home, Alice’s normally well-ordered life is in turmoil. Her mind is more on pills and packing than distant memories of Wonderland. She goes to the riverbank to think things over and in bizarre circumstances is whisked off to Wonderland, now a twisted world where she encounters characters and events from the dark history behind our favourite nursery rhymes.

Alice is smarter and savvier this time around, which is just as well, as Wonderland bears little resemblance to its former self. Animals are forbidden to talk, the townsfolk live in fear of a tyrant and the weather’s all mixed up. Could a Jabberwocky be behind it all? Alice is conflicted between escaping the world as fast as she can and trying to help her friends along the way, not realising that the two are closely connected. One thing hasn’t changed in Wonderland; Alice’s curiosity and attitude might just be the death of her if she can’t find her way back.

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"Debut author Stoneham does a stellar job of re-creating Carroll's beloved world while also adding his own twists. A brilliant and amusing reinvention."

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"Stoneham imbues his prose with a wit and poetry that do ample justice to his source material. An ideal fantasy for Carroll fans and a lovely route to a treasured piece of literature for newcomers."

Awarded Blue Ink Notable book seal. Full review here.


Foreword Clarion

"A fun and creative continuation of a classic story. Fantastical wonders and head-over-heels adventures abound in D. J. Stoneham’s fantasy novel Alice Falls Again. The language is light and playful, even in the darker moments of the story. Sentences are rhythmic, at times even poetic and musical. That parts of the story are based on nursery rhymes is refreshing, particularly in this similarly new take on a well-known story. Written in a joyful tone, the text is laced with just enough sarcasm and joviality to keep it from becoming saccharine."

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