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"I've been writing all my life, both at work or play. Before publishing Alice Falls Again, Once upon a Wonderland and the Worlds Apart series, I co-authored a best-selling series of schoolbooks and co-produced Future Histories, a collection of science fiction stories (foreword by Arthur C Clarke and Nicholas Negroponte) for limited distribution.

"Now, having dived headfirst into my own personal rabbit hole at the tail end of a career in corporate communications and sustainability, I am pursuing a lifelong dream, writing fantasy. Rather like Alice, I find myself drawn to the curious, the fantastic and the peculiar. So it made sense to make Alice Falls Again my first novel to reach the finishing line in 2018. This was joined by the second Wonderland story - Once upon a Wonderland - in 2023.


"Created over several decades, the Worlds Apart saga has acted as an outlet for an over-active imagination and a much-needed contrast to a business career – escapism and therapy rolled into one. For this reason, I have a deep connection with that story, which was published in 2021. So much so, that I have seen dreams about the characters, a couple of which have persuaded me to start on the sequel.

"Although through no conscious decision, I’m sure that the fictitious characters and events in my books have drawn on my own life experiences and exposure to an array of cultures, personalities and incidents along the way. Born in London, I grew up on the south coast of England and, apart from a few years in China, I have spent the second half of my life mostly in Finland, with my family and dogs (does family include dogs?). As well as reading, writing and sport, my interests include collecting first edition children’s books (a first-edition Alice in Wonderland eludes me, but I have an 1869 edition).

"My motivation for writing is the simple joy I get from writing. However, when publishing and sharing my stories with a wider audience, the biggest reward is when someone says that that they have read and enjoyed a story. People are different and it's fascinating to hear what people's take-aways are."

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