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Having journeyed out of my own personal rabbit hole at the tail end of a career in corporate communications, I am now pursuing a lifelong dream of writing fantasy. Rather like Alice, I find myself drawn to the curious, the fantastic and the peculiar. So it made sense to make Alice Falls Again my first novel to reach the finishing line.

Born in London, I grew up on the south coast of England and currently live in the fens of Finland, where I have one wife, two dogs and three children.


Sometimes, we all feel like Mayor Jackson MacDonald or Bobby Shafto in the pictures on the right - drowning in paperwork or dreaming of better days. Don't despair - folow your dreams! And don't hesitate to get in touch, if only to tell me you fell asleep at page seven of the book! 

Best wishes,

David Stoneham



(P.S. another chance to click here and buy the book, Any profit really
does go to children's charities in the UK, Finland and any other
worthwhile children's cause you'd like to tell me about).